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VT Bike & Brew

Killington,VT- Mountain Bike Vermont and Killington Resort hosted the first annual Vermont Bike & Brew festival the weekend of June 9th-11th. The party started off with Vermont's first ever downhill critical mass ride down black magic hosted by Redbull/Gopro rider Aaron Chase. After the critical mass everyone made their way to the bottom of the mountain for the whip off.

Team Leader Knight Ide was on fire during the event as seen in this picture with the bike almost completely sideways.

Daymien Ide cracking a nice whip and also looking like his fathers doppelganger with his POC kit and new Cannondale bike.

Team captain and all around shredder Ethan Mosedale boosting his way into the chairlift.

Coach Ryan McEvoy taking some limbs off.

Forrest Mello kicking out the back wheel on the step down.

A solid crowd formed to cheer on the whip off for the first annual VT Bike & Brew.

Elias Cooper one upping coach Ryan McEvoy in the whip department.

Coach Alex McAndrew getting his moto whip on with the DH Bike.

Barrett Hibshman ( Lil Breezy) the youngest kid in the event going to the biggest.