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  Ideride is the trail building offshoot of a larger design/construction company, Olde World Masonry OWM is a multi-million dollar company which has been providing the highest quality stone masonry, historic preservation, and hardscaping services for 16 years. As the co-founder, 50% owner, project manager, CEO, and CFO of this successful company, Knight Ide successfully managed many projects with budgets in the millions. This affiliation makes Ideride uniquely qualified for your project for several reasons:

  • Broad knowledge of construction, architectural and engineering principles and practices.

  • Experience in large scale construction management.

  • Ownership and quick access to resources such as equipment, materials and qualified, supplemental labor. 

  • Properly classified employees all covered by workers’ compensation policy.

  • Internal risk mitigation policies in place. 


  Ideride is a company based out of East Burke, Vermont providing design, construction and consulting services.  Recognized as a quality mountain bike trail building company with over a decade of experience.  Whether it's designing a mountain bike destination, construction of an expert level bike park or a private multiuse trail network we have you covered. 



Junior Mountain Bike Race Team


  • Displaying the highest level of sportsmanship and enthusiasm.


  • Develop bike handling skills in a competitive enviroment.


  • Build physical strength and endurance with a weekly training program.


  • Promote local participation in cycling by setting a good example for other youth.

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